Payment Plan

  1. - Our schemes are very flexible as they allow the flexibility of working with your cash flow. However each subscriber must make at least 20% initial deposit.

  2. - Balance payments can then be spread according to the clients’ cash flow which will be tied to a corresponding milestone agreement of what each payment will achieve before the subscriber makes the next payment.

  3. - Our buildings usually take a period of 9 months; however, we are willing to accommodate the client’s plan up to a maximum of 24 months as long as your payments fall within the construction period of the estates. A payment receipt will be issued to subscribers upon receipt of each milestone payment.

  4. - Upon final payments, the subscribers will be given a deed of assignment as well as a Sales & Management Agreement.

TITLE DOCUMENT: Our projects currently have Deeds of Assignment with Governor’s Consent.


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We primarily focused on providing a serene and developed environment where business owners and emerging middle-class executives in corporate organizations can purchase both housing units and serviced plots to build residential houses of their choice.