Who We Are

Crovation Limited (Crovation) was established in 2014 and comprises a group of professionals that specialize in the development and maintenance of real estate. The company has since inception embarked on conceptualization, execution and maintenance of real estate for a hand full of corporate and individual clients thus fast building a strong reputation as a skillful and dependable firm bringing innovative solutions and approaches to its various engagements.  Crovation prides itself on being customer friendly real estate development firm where you can be rest assured your investment is secure.

Our successes can be attributed to a number of factors, including the collective expertise of the company’s management, entrepreneurial approach, and good network of business associates that enhance deal flow and its ability to source and implement viable and profitable projects.

As part of its corporate social responsibility, Crovation aims to promote a positive perception of real estate in Nigeria by delivering on our promises. We aim to achieve this through integrating socio-political, environmental and ethical issues into our business operations. Perceptions will change, especially the perception of the public as Crovation continues to lead the drive towards affordable housing for all.